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Dr. med. Rosetta Meier

dr rosetta meier

Short CV:

Medical studies in Bochum (Germany) / Johannesburg (South Africa), 1994 - 2000

Apprenticeship as Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine:

Oncology / Endocrinology / Ophthalmology (Pfizer AG, Zurich), Head of Department "Clinical Trials" (Swissmedic Bern), Neurology (Biogen Idec, Zug)

Training as a specialist in general internal medicine:

Rehabilitation Center Lübben / Specialist Clinic for Internal Medicine and Orthopedics, Paraplegic Center Nottwil, Cantonal Hospital Olten, Spital Region Oberaargau Langenthal, Cross Clinic Basel, Family Physicians' House Schöftland


Master program "Management of Health and Social Services" (University of Kaiserslautern / Witten - Herdecke 2006 - 2010) Publication / Master Thesis: "Save until the doctor no longer comes - Franchising: a solution for more quality and cost efficiency in health care?" (Tectum Verlag, 2008)

Additional name "Sports Medicine", Swiss Society for Sports Medicine 2015, 
additional name "Manual Medicine" Swiss Society for Manual Medicine, 2014

Practice - Foundation of Health & Motion, Practice for General Internal Medicine / Manual Medicine / Sports Medicine, 2017

Rosa Marie Haueter

Rosa Marie Haueter

Medical practice assistant


Sheribane Xheladini

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Medical practice assistant


Bettina Schmid

Bettina Schmid, Medizinische Praxisassistentin

Medical practice assistant

 Our trained practical assistants have many years of professional experience. We speak German, Swiss German, English, French, Albanian.