Manual medicine for acute and chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system

Manual medicine is a highly effective, scientific method of treating musculoskeletal disorders and is fundamentally concerned with restoring the mobility of joints that are intact in shape and composition but whose function is impaired. Dysfunctions such as limited mobility ( blockage ) of the spine and joints, fascia and muscles.

It is particularly popular and successfully used for back, joint and muscle disorders because it represents a gentle form of therapy for you as a patient, in which in many cases an operative intervention can be prevented or delayed.

The diagnosis and therapy is based on biomechanical and neurophysiological principles and takes place under preventive, curative and rehabilitative objectives with the hand of the therapist, where the name comes from. Dry needling , wet needeling and myofascial trigger point therapy are also one of our treatments.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is an effective supplement to manual trigger point therapy. This is done with a thin needle without medication (hence the name dry = dry) very precisely engraved in the trigger point, which is responsible for the current symptoms. As a result, local cramps are resolved, the circulation situation is improved and inflammatory reactions are reduced. 

The "dry needling" is used in the treatment of pain syndromes, sports physiotherapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.

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